Mar 16, 2007

Treo Launcher 1.5 beta 2

To support running Desk Accessories (DA's) directly from Treo Launcher, this beta will hopefully provide more customizations and still keeps Treo Launcher small in size.

By installing MetaDA, you can access to all installed DA's by a Menu-D shortcut. The diagram shows how CoolDAs is in action, as an example.

Please download Treo Launcher beta from forum. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome!

1.5 beta 2: download

Mar 13, 2007


3 is a homophone of life, to live, or to give birth to【生】in Chinese. So, March 13th is a nice day to start a new blog ;-)

I will use this space to announce software updates. Such that users may subscribe to the rss feed and I do not have to concern the security issues of setting up a mailing list.